Don’t Just Pour Your Heart Out on Valentine’s Day… Care for it, too

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Don’t Just Pour Your Heart Out on Valentine’s Day… Care for it, too

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Can you imagine Valentine’s day without being able to hear a love song? Of course, not. And that’s one more reason to keep your heart healthy. That’s right. Your heart. Your hearing depends on a healthy cardiovascular system just as the rest of your body does. Blood flow is very important to the inner ear and is essential to keeping your internal sound system up and running.

The risks a compromised cardiovascular system pose to your hearing are very real:

  • Do you irritate your cardiovascular system with persistent smoking? You are increasing your risk of hearing loss by more than 15%.
  • Are you a woman who has had a heart attack? You are nearly three times more likely to have cochlear problems.
  • Do you need to lose weight? For both men and women, the same weight gain that can stress your cardiovascular system endangers your hearing, as well. Waist circumference has been associated with hearing problems in both men and women.

As with so many health-related issues, prevention is key to the cardio/audio connection. Be sure to have an annual physical that monitors your cardiovascular system and back that up with a hearing check. Regular hearing care is too often ignored and may just turn out to be what alerts you to an oncoming cardiovascular issue, given the inner ear’s sensitivity to blood flow.

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