Technology Update: Audéo Marvel From Phonak

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Technology Update: Audéo Marvel From Phonak


We have a new hearing aid you just have to experience to believe. Phonak’s Audéo Marvel with the state-of-the-art AutoSense OS™ 3.0 operating system senses changes in listening environments, and automatically adjusts for them. It gives you top-quality sound whether you’re out and about or enjoying TV, music and podcasts at home.

In addition to helping you automatically hear comfortably as your hearing environments change throughout the day, Audéo Marvel allows you to stream sound directly from your TV, smartphone or another Bluetooth-capable media player to your hearing aid. That means no more complaints from family members about your TV volume; set your own volume level and let them have theirs. And by connecting to your smartphone, you can take and deny calls right on your hearing aid with the touch of a button

That smartphone connection also allows you to use Phonak’s Audéo Marvel app that gives you smartphone-based control over the fine-tuning of your hearing aid settings. And to keep the high-tech features coming, Audéo Marvel is powered by the top rechargeable lithium ion technology in the industry, for long-lasting performance.

As we said earlier, you have to experience Audéo Marvel to believe it. Please, call us for an appointment. We’d love to show you what it can do!

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