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A Brief Look at “Ringing in the Ears”

Tinnitus is that sensation of hearing some sort of sound—a clicking, ringing, hissing, roaring or buzzing—when there’s nothing nearby that is making that sound. You’ve probably experienced at least some level of tinnitus. If you’ve ever left a concert or sporting event with the sense that you can still hear the atmosphere of the arena,…

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Technology Update: Audéo Marvel From Phonak

We have a new hearing aid you just have to experience to believe. Phonak’s Audéo Marvel with the state-of-the-art AutoSense OS™ 3.0 operating system senses changes in listening environments, and automatically adjusts for them. It gives you top-quality sound whether you’re out and about or enjoying TV, music and podcasts at home. In addition to…

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Don’t Just Pour Your Heart Out on Valentine’s Day… Care for it, too

Can you imagine Valentine’s day without being able to hear a love song? Of course, not. And that’s one more reason to keep your heart healthy. That’s right. Your heart. Your hearing depends on a healthy cardiovascular system just as the rest of your body does. Blood flow is very important to the inner ear…

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